Automotive Cladding

Automotive Cladding



ARMADILLOTUFF® Automotive Cladding

Exterior Cladding, Polymer and Rubber Rejuvenator

What is it?
It's everything you need to rejuvenate the exterior cladding on your Vehicle, also used for polymer or rubber parts on automotive, aircraft, and marine products, Vehicle Cladding will renew disclored and dulled cladding,polymer and or rubber. Acts as protective for all cladding, polymer and rubber and provides protection against future discoloration.

What Makes It Work?
Vehicle Cladding contains emulsifiers in a constant cream base that penetrates, cleans and seals exterior cladding, polymer and or rubber.

How Do I Use IT?
Vehicle Cladding is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can apply it with or without latex gloves.
Make sure you shake your container for a good mix of product before applying to your pad.
Start by simply applying with a soft cloth or micro fibre pad to bring back original color. Gently rub to remove stubborn stains, then hand buff to add a satin lustre. For large areas you could use a soaked sponge with the Vehicle Cladding solution in a small bucket.

What is it Like?
  Color - White Color Liquid
  Flash Point - 105 Degrees C
  Odor- Mild
  Product - Petroleum Distillate

How is it Packaged?
Vehicle and Automotive Cladding is supplied in 12 ounce or half gallon containers.

Vehicle Cladding and Automotive presents no special toxicity problems.
However, prolonged skin contact should be avoided. If splashed in eyes,
Flush with plenty of cool water and see a physician immediately.

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Before and After Pictures With Armadillotuff Automotive Cladding
Note: Applied the first application to Red Avalanche below 6/2010, cladding was grey and oxidized.
Customer stated this application lasted about 3 1/2 months without applying another coat.
We are now in our eight year with excellent feedback on our product.

Our product is being used all over the world protecting your vehicles from sun, oxidation and all weather conditions.

Customer applied application April 2012, cladding was black and oxidized.
You can see the difference between the Grey and the Black
and how Vehicle Cladding restores the color and protects it.

See the video below on the Vehicle Cladding Application.
It's an easy wipe on wipe off procedure