What is it?
It’s a vinyl and leather cleaner and protector. TST Lusterizer will help sell your vehicle’s interior
because it not only protects them, it gives them a deep, rich shine unlike the sparkle type shine of other products.

What Makes It Work?
TST Lusterizer contains silicone in an emulsion base. The silicone gives it the effective,
durable protection while the emulsion maintains the flexibility in vinyl and the softness in leather.

How Do I Use IT?
Wash vinyl surfaces with a mild TST ALL_Ways solution and then dry.
Leather can be cleaned first with a mild soap and water, then dried.
(For stubborn stains on vinyl, hand rub with a cloth saturated with TST Lusterizer, then wipe dry).
Now, using a clean cloth, apply a thin film of TST Lusterizer over the surface.
Allow to dry completely. (Buff lightly with a soft, dry cloth for added luster).
Repeat application if desired.

What is it Like?
Color – Milky White
Odor – Pleasant
Flash Point – NA
pH – Neutral
Freeze point – 32 degree F (0 degree C)
Viscosity – Water Like
Storage – Indoors, heated presents no special toxicity problems. However, prolonged skin contact should be avoided.
If splashed in eyes, flush with plenty of cool water and see a physician immediately.

How is it Packaged?
Lusterizer is supplied in 16 ounce or 1 gallon containers.